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Escola let the students to dream and aspire, empower them to accomplish with morality and enable them to celebrate their success with community.
We strive to achieve the zenith of each aspirant’s innate abilities, by inculcating moral, ethical and educational values, equipping them to serve the society through a holistic approach in a globally competent way.
Escola is committed to providing a leaner-centric approach to nurture the core values and soft skills to enable the students to compete with the dynamic world. We acquire this through:

  • Moulding students in an amicable atmosphere through active and creative mentoring.
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment that ignites positive attitudes toward learning.
  • Cultivating spiritual values to strengthen good deportment of the students.
  • Enabling students to think practically, scientifically and critically.
  • Instilling values of respecting diversity, tolerance, personal integrity,empathy, open mindedness and cooperation.


Escola International is a college situated in Kondotty Municipality, Malappuram district. The institution began its historical journey in 2019 and is run by Educare Charitable Trust, Kondotty.We cognize the aspirations of our society and thus, follow explicitly and implicitly value based education synchronized with the religious ethics.

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My Escola

World Class Infrastructure To Inculcate A New Culture Through A New Lifestyle.

Higher Secondary

We offer Plus One / Plus Two courses in science, humanities, and commerce approved by Kerala Government Higher Secondary Board.


The three-year undergraduate course approved by Calicut University is specially designed to provide students with managerial skills in commerce associated disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing etc.

BA English

Apart from efficiency in English as a language, BA Courses in English offers students various opportunities in industries of writing, journalism or mass communication, public relations, and management.

BA Psychology

Students specialised in psychology will be in a position to understand human minds, emotions and behaviours effectively . Students can use its benefits for the personal and inter personal communication and well-being.

Principal’s message

Escola is unique in that it offers several life skill enhancement programs and prepare the students for their professional and personal future life. On the one hand we categorize students according to their tastes and inclinations and impart coaching for PSC, UPSC, NEET, NIT,IIT, LLB, CA CMS etc. In addition, we have extensive projects for the overall mental and physical growth and development of our students. We facilitate interaction with leaders of industry in various segments that are defining our life. Apart from pure academic pursuit, our students will get chance to interact with business experts, media personalities, writers, speakers, motivators and experts in other relevant fields. We have also planned extensive program to physical fitness realizing that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Swimming, martial arts, cycling, fitness training, tennis, table tennis and skating are some of the unique opportunities awaiting the students at our campus.